Esprecious 12 Espresso Machine + FREE 1kg Bag Pumpkin Spice Plunger Grind Coffee


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Esprecious 12 Espresso Machine

* Ease of use: intuitive touchscreen
* Bean-to-cup: preparation using fresh coffee beans
* Double dispensing outlet for serving two cups simultaneously
* Automatic rinsing program to optimise the in-cup quality
* Separate hot water tap for e.g. tea
* Unique hot water system to reduce scaling, reduces the maintenance requirement
* Service-friendly and easy to maintain

1kg Bag Pumpkin Spice Plunger Grind Coffee 

Freshly roasted to a medium roast profile and flavoured while still cooling.
Bursting with tantalising and exotic aromas
To be enjoyed in any and every way
Lovely as a dessert coffee!


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